Central Texas gardener John Dromgoole, for Backyard Basics, teaches all he knows about propagating cuttings and dividing plants in this 5 minute video. John is a man with a dark past! He used to “steal and borrer” cuttings when he could not afford to go out and buy all the plants he wanted. That’s how he learned the tricks of the trade.

Watch how he takes cuttings from the various plants and places them carefully in a 50/50 potting soil and perlite mix. He identifies plants such as geraniums, coleus, wandering jew, impatiens, strobilanthes and begonias as good candidates for cuttings. But the message John sends out is that taking cuttings from any plant and trying to propagate them is worth a shot. That’s why he keeps that dinky little knife in his pocket when he goes to the garden center…


Somewhere in England there is an attractive woman called Claire who has an insatiable desire to tell you what she plants in her allotment and how she goes about it. Claire is a really hard worker. In this, Part 6 in the Claire’s Allotment series, she shows us how to clean a greenhouse. It’s common sense really. You sweep it, removing any excess grass, paper, plastic, bits and pieces. Then you take out the shelves and wash them. You also wash the walls of the greenhouse (don’t forget the door) with disinfectant to kill any bugs that may be harmful to plants in future. And you are ready for spring.


Video On Growing Tomatoes – Part 2

July 22, 2009

Our “little bit average” Ozzie presenter, the same guy who took us through the basics of tomato growing in a previous video — without telling us a whole lot — now takes us to the suburban garden of a friend to show us — a distant tomato plant in a pot. This is a cunning […]

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Video On The Use Of An Electronic Soil Tester To Improve Your Garden

July 17, 2009

Find more DIY videos This video is a punt for an electronic product called Rapitest. Although it’s an advert it is well worth the 1 min, 26 seconds it take to watch it. It is interesting to learn that a small electronic device can tell you this much about the environment in which you have […]

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Video On How To Select The Right Shovel

July 14, 2009

Find more DIY videos When you need to buy a shovel, don’t just go picking one off the shelf at random or selecting one according to what is the cheapest. Shovels by their nature take a lot of strain, so make sure you buy the strongest, best-made one you can afford. DIYMaster shows you in […]

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How To Start An Indoor Garden

July 9, 2009

Oprah’s younger, lovelier sister, Pattie Moreno, a.k.a. The Garden Girl for Farmer’s Almanac TV, tells us that you can have a lovely indoor garden in just 6′ x 14′ of “linear space.” I don’t know what linear space is compared to, say, other types of space, but it sure was miraculous seeing her restore those […]

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How To Build Raised Garden Beds

July 5, 2009

Here is a regular Ben Hur of a production, over 10 mins long, compliments of Gardenfork.tv and starring Eric the really informal gardener, his two golden retrievers, one frisbee and the spooky voice of the Witch Of The Woods. The average full-length movie is about 100 minutes long so you must know that this is […]

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Video On How To Make A Simple Garden Fountain

July 1, 2009

Down Sacramento way this is how the ladies of The Sacramento Bee make a simple garden fountain when the cookies are baking in the oven. It is well worth watching this 3 minute video on Howcast if you are serious about putting together a garden or tabletop fountain. It is also worth noting that the […]

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Video On How To Store Your Garden Hoses

June 27, 2009

Are the hose pipes in your yard a muddy, tangled mess? Anne McMahon from Yardlover.com says there is a solution to this problem. What about hose pots! She describes hose pots as “a beautiful solution to an ugly problem.” Using a hose pot you are placing a pot around the “neck” of your hose and […]

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Video On How To Select The Right Size Pot For Your Plant

June 24, 2009

How to Select the Right Size Pot for Your Plant — powered by ExpertVillage.com 2-year gardening veteran Peggy Robertson believes that gardening is great relaxation and a wonderful way to give something back tot he planet. Here in an Expert Village video (1 min, 45 secs) she talks about selecting the right size pot for […]

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