How To Build Raised Garden Beds

Here is a regular Ben Hur of a production, over 10 mins long, compliments of and starring Eric the really informal gardener, his two golden retrievers, one frisbee and the spooky voice of the Witch Of The Woods. The average full-length movie is about 100 minutes long so you must know that this is a long, long video in internet video terms. You are going to get to know these people well, perhaps much better than you’d like.

In return you will be shown how to make a raised garden bed which, at the end of the day, is just a 2″ x 12″ x 12′ rough lumber box (treat the lumber with linseed if you must) and placed on the surface of the yard (with or without galvanized screening pinned to the bottom to keep out moles) and then filled with composted manure and suchlike. We are never told why one would want to have a raised garden bed (except the vole and mole problem we surmise) but we certainly do get to see Rover and Bonzo running for that frisbee as the Witch Of The Weeds chortles into the mike and black flies infest the lens….

Come back Robert Redford, all is forgiven.

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