Video On How To Select The Right Size Pot For Your Plant

How to Select the Right Size Pot for Your Plant — powered by

2-year gardening veteran Peggy Robertson believes that gardening is great relaxation and a wonderful way to give something back tot he planet. Here in an Expert Village video (1 min, 45 secs) she talks about selecting the right size pot for a plant. It is something you can really only appreciate with visual assistance, so make sure and look at the video.

Essentially the plant should be happy and thriving and filling the space at the top of the pot. It should also show off the pot to its best advantage. So a plant that is too big for its pot will look miserable and the leaves will be yellowing. The plant will overwhelm the pot and no soil will be visible when you try to move the leaves to see it. A plant that is too small for its pot will be lost in the large space above the pot, inviting the question: “Gosh, what else are you planning to plant in there?” There will be lots of soil still showing. So a happy compromise is what you are after. Plants in pots should be visually pleasing, that’s the main thing.

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