Video On How To Store Your Garden Hoses

Are the hose pipes in your yard a muddy, tangled mess? Anne McMahon from says there is a solution to this problem. What about hose pots! She describes hose pots as “a beautiful solution to an ugly problem.”

Using a hose pot you are placing a pot around the “neck” of your hose and storing the tail of it within the pot. The head part feeds through a hole in the side of a pot leading to the faucet. These pots remind me of the type of containers occupied by the snakes of snake charmers in India. They are beautiful. The ones Anne shows are made of resin or metal. They are certainly a lot nicer looking than a piled up and forgotten hose.

Humans are notoriously inert. Will the type of person who allows a hosepipe to hang around the yard develop into a paragon of efficiency who will painstakingly coil the hose into the pot after use? I’m not sure. It’s a well-meant idea anyway. Take a look at the 1 min, 16 second and make a snap decision about whether hose pots are for you.

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